Things to Totally Avoid when Running a Business Facebook Page

As much as Facebook has revolutionized the world of e-comers, there are some things that so sellers do wrong. Note that your Facebook page allows you to interact directly with your customers. This means that your page must always be at its best. The moment you fail to make your page look good on Facebook, you are most likely to make customers lose confidence in you. To look good and gain the trust of your customers, here are things you should avoid.

  • Poor quality pictures

This is one major problem of most pages on Facebook. You will find that the page administrator uses poor quality photos to post and advertise. The moment the eyes are unable to see what is on your photo clearly, they will not even try to struggle in order to see. Avoid poor quality pictures by investing in a camera or phone that will get the best quality pictures.

  • Unrelated profile and cover photo

Your profile and cover photo on your page must be the first thing that communicates your brand. If you are keen on Facebook pages, you will realize that some people make the worse mistake of putting their pictures as page profile pictures. If your business does not have a logo or something close to it, you need to get one as soon as possible. No one will easily trust a page selling electronics but has someone’s face as the profile picture.

  • Spamming

This simply means posting every second you get. No matter how many products you’re selling, you cannot be posting every time. By doing so, you will be spamming, and this can be dangerous for your page. No one likes to logging to their Facebook accounts only to find several posts of a single page. Even you won’t like it, and the best way to avoid this torture is by simply un-following the page. The right thing to do is develop a posting schedule to help you manage your page.

  • Avoid tagging and mentioning people on all your posts

As much as you are happy with your business and you think that everybody on Facebook should see it, avoid tagging and mentioning people. When you tag or mention people on your posts means that you are struggling to get attention making you look desperate.


Running a Facebook page should be done professionally to avoid being misunderstood by the platform users. Always try to be on the safe side of your Facebook marketing.