What Most Businesses are Doing Wrong Selling on Facebook

As much as many businesses are adapting to selling their products and services on Facebook, you need to know that it is not magic. You have to play your part. Some people fail to make Facebook work for them and end up saying that Facebook is overrated. You need to know that Facebook only provides you with a slot to open your store. From there, it is back to the basics, and you have to reach out to customers. Some of the common mistakes made when selling products on Facebook include;

  • Lack of consistency

Selling on Facebook is more than posting once on your page. Many people fail to understand that as much as your customers fully understand what you are selling, they are always looking for fresh content. When you post once is like a drop in the ocean where the ripples will disappear after a while. If you maintain putting up posts, your drops in the ocean will be recognized.

  • Poor posting skills and schedule

This is where you find posts being made with captions that do not pass through the intended information. Also, randomly posting on your page can be risky. When you are posting all the time on Facebook, you are seen as a spam, and people can unfollow your page for that. If you feel that you do not understand how posting on Facebook works, you can always hire an expert to handle the job for you.

  • Poor customer engagement

When a customer comments on your post, it is only fair that you leave a reply regardless of what they have commented. You can take these comments lightly and chose to ignore the notifications. Customer engagement is important because it makes your customers have a feeling of belonging and being valued. Facebook is also keen on how fast you respond to your clients hence the typically replies in X minutes on your page inbox.


Setting up a shop on Facebook is no guarantee of sales if you sit around and expect magic to happen. Just like opening a real store, you need to make sure that you reach out to pull in buyers. If you are having troubles with Facebook marketing, there are so many tools that you can use like Shopify Apps. You can also find someone who understands Facebook marketing to help you at a small fee of course.

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