The Best Way to Engage Your Customers on Facebook

When you have customers who trust your products, it is essential that you maintain a good relationship with them. Facebook has made it very easy for you to keep in touch with your customers. However, some businesses fail to understand this concept and end up failing to utilize this platform to the fullest. Note that you don’t have to wait for an inbox or comment to engage your followers and customers. Some of the things you can do to ensure maximum customer engagement on your page are things like;

  • Being human

Most page administrates that whatever they are expecting from their followers is exactly what their followers expect from them. With that said, always try to like and comment on your followers’ posts. Wish them happy birthdays and become a part of them. You should, however, be cautious not to overdo it. When you behave like a robot on Facebook is bad for your reputation and kills the aspect of socializing.

  • Always keep your followers updated

No matter how small a situation is with respect to your business, your followers have to know about it. If you have been nominated for an award or you are simply awarding your best employees, share with your followers. You cannot be advertising your products o services from January to December and tell us that nothing else is going on behind the scenes.

  • Fast response to customers

Whether it is a comment, a review or a private message to your inbox, It is crucial that you respond as fast as possible. In other words, you should always be online anticipating for such updates. When you do this, your customers feel valued and important and will always know that the best way to communicate to you is through your Facebook page. Some of the biggest organizations are doing it. Why wouldn’t you?

  • Give offers and promotions

You need to understand that people like free things. As much as you have thousands of followers, you need to understand not all of them have had the opportunity to try out your products. Some are wishing they could, but they have never had a strong reason to. Give them that strong reason through offers and promotions.


Facebook page administration is a full-time job that requires a good strategy. If you do right, Facebook alone can attract you sales worth a lot of money.

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