Is Selling on Facebook with Shopify Recommendable for the First-Time Store Owners

Is it worth trying selling on Facebook with Shopify? Is this strategy recommendable for first-time store owners?

Ecommerce solution Shopify is one of the fastest growing and best ecommerce website builders in the market. This platform helped merchants process over $72 billion in sales, 1 million + active users, it offers polished and professional themes that can make your store look great, 24/7 support, and comes with hundreds of applications that expand the functionality of your online store. This means you can add them as your online business grows and start requiring more features.

Creating and selling on Facebook with Shopify is super easy. You just need to add the free Facebook channel app to your Shopify store. The app is included in all Shopify plans. Download and set up the app. Facebook will then create a store section on your Facebook page. This will showcase your Shopify items for people to see and purchase.

The Facebook store application creates a store tab for your Facebook Business Page and this will push through all of your products to Facebook. Once everything is ready, you can manage your products, track sales, and process orders. Everything is synced meaning you can see the changes in the Facebook store.

A lot of people wonder if selling on Facebook with Shopify is recommendable for first-time store owners. From users who have been using Shopify Facebook store for quite some time now, we’ve discovered that the Facebook Shop is free and yet an excellent opportunity. The shop not only serves to you as an ecommerce store but as a blog where you can share helpful information about your business and the products you sell. The Facebook Shop exposes this and makes it totally worthwhile.

Given the fact that Shopify Facebook store feature comes with a subscription, it is worthwhile to add it and take advantage of it. It is super easy to set up which makes it perfect for beginners and first-time store owners. It is worth testing because there is absolutely no downside.

If you agree with us that selling on Facebook with Shopify is indeed what your online store needs right now, we have some cool features to present you. Ecommerce solution Shopify allows you to use these features and have a better control over your Facebook store:

  • Add all of your products to Facebook with just one click. The extra product details sync immediately.
  • Take advantage of Facebook Messenger. Did you know that you can sell your products through Facebook Messenger? Yes, you can sell on your online store, as well as, on the Facebook page. By using Facebook Messenger, the customers will get a personalized shopping experience. You can track their orders on Facebook Messenger and have a better control of your overall sales.
  • Visual Organization: The online merchants are allowed to add banners, as well as, change the number of columns of items.
  • Select which products you want to sell online on Facebook. You can make your own selection and import the products from your Shopify to your Facebook store.
  • Real-time updates: You can update your products on Shopify. You will notice that your Facebook store is updated as well.


If you build your own online store using Shopify, the ecommerce platform makes it simple for you to transport the products to your Facebook store. It is great that Shopify offers 14-day free trial. Are you ready to give Shopify Facebook store a try? You can try it for free and get started without spending any money. Good luck!

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